Wednesday, September 9, 2020

OFFICIAL Pumpkin Town Bloggers List

Thank you all for the massive response, I was only going to accept ten of you but
so many bloggers applied so I had to take a little more ;)
I wish I could have accepted all of you but then there wouldn't be anything special
about applying for an exclusive sneak peek. I've tried to pick as many different styles
 of bloggers as possible, so don't take it personally if you didn't get in.
I personally looked at all your flickrs and blogs and, believe me, 
it was very hard to choose, you are all amazing. So again thank you and don't
hesitate to try again next year ... maybe ;) 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Something's coming ...

When Witches go riding,
and Black Cats are seen,
The Moon laughs and Whispers
'tis near Halloween

Monday, August 21, 2017

Pumpkin Town 8 News ....

Hello little Pumpkins and Creatures,

As you may have noticed we haven’t made any sneak peeks of Pumpkin Town 8.

Unfortunately due to Real Life Events we are not able to finance Pumpkin Town this year.
As you probably know making an event like this is expensive and we never did it to win money but for all of US who love HALLOWEEN and having fun, so we are putting Pumpkin Town on Hiatus.
We are very sad and hope to be back next year.

We want to thank everyone who visited, participated, all the people with costumes (You made Pumpkin Town so much fun). All who IMed us with nice comments, People who took photos and videos, people who performed, Our merchants. And of course all your amazing tips who will be kept safely for next year.

We love you and we will miss you so much.


Tay Tay and Chloe (and all the creatures of Pumpkin Town)