Market Info & Rules

Please Read the rules and Requirements carefully before applying.

Main Requirements/Rules:


* Please join the Pumpkin Town Merchant Group (You will get an invite)

* Accepted stores must rezz the event poster/subscriber in  main store​ upon acceptance

* 1 Exclusive is required and has to be Tagged (Tag will be provided in the welcome pack) . You can price it

   however you like. You CAN'T sell your exclusive anywhere else until the event is over.) A picture of this

   exclusive is required as I will put up a gallery on the official Pumpkin Town Blog.

* Send your logos (upon acceptance) and exclusive vendor ad to taylorpumpkintown in-world or by email

  If you have a gift(s) send me the ads and I will place them in the gallery as well.

* This is a Halloween themed event only. The exclusive and any other products you will place in your booth have

   to fit the theme. 

* Your products can not contain any copyright infringements. (If found All Items will returned and fees will not be

   refunded, you will be out of the event. No Negotiations)



* Fees are due upon acceptance. Non-refundable. (Please pay after you received your welcome pack). Send your

  fees to taylorpumpkintown.

These Fees are for the entire MONTH of October.

 *LANDING POINT BOOTHS (60prims): There are 6 landing spots available at 5000L$

 *REGULAR BOOTHS (40prims): For now there will be 24 Booths available at 2500L$ (Some might be added if space allows it)




Landing point Booths: 60 prims  (Your logo will also be displayed on the Official Pumpkin Town Blog/Website)

This booth will be slightly bigger than the Regular ones. These booth will be given to the first people who apply for it. If you Applied for this booth but don't get one you have the opportunity in the application to apply for a regular one instead.

Regular Booths: 40 prims

Please stay inside your booth. Don't put anything outside.

Gacha is allowed but max 2 machines

Vendor scripts are also allowed.

Gifts and Treats:


* Gifts are always fun when trick or treating so it's highly recommended to attract people, but it's not a requirement. So if you feel like it, fill your booths with treats (you can give them for free or up to 10L$)



Halloween, spooky, creepy, dark, goth, emo, horror, bloody, witchy, ...     (NO nudity or any other sexual content will be accepted)



* September 25th : Setup begins

* September 30th : Setup ends and Exclusive Vendor ad is due or you will not be featured in the Gallery.

* October 1st : Event Opens

* October 31st: Event Ends

Please understand that we will only contact merchants who have been accepted. It will be a limited amount of shops. Don't take it personally if you are not accepted. There will be a waiting list in case I decide to add spots or if another designer falls out.

If you have any questions send a notecard in-world to taylorpumpkintown or an email to

Pumpkin Town Official Blog:

Pumpkin Town Official Flickr Group:

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