Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Town 2013 : The Opening

Pumpkin Town, one of the most famous Halloween villages in Second Life, is back!

In a few hours, we will open the doors. We are so excited... like our host : witches, skeletons, ghouls and others monsters.

Djset, lives performances, show, readings, freebies, shops, hunt, a horror movies theater, and some contests will be held in our Halloween village during one month.

Come and visit! With your most crazy halloween Outfit! And perhaps... you will be safe!

October 1st : The Opening

12 PM : Tukso Okey
"I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to you all. My name is Tukso (pronounced took-so) Okey (pronounced O.K.). I have been a headlining performer in Second Life, a 3D immersive virtual world for 4 years, and am a performer with vast NYC stage experience (CBGB's, Kenny's Castaways, Knitting Factory, Red Lion, China Club, and hundreds more). Seasoned multi-instrument musician (drums, keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, vocals ~ *ALL PLAYED LIVE as one-man band during concerts). Genres include funk, blues, jazz, soul, psychedelic, rock on original music created on the spot in front thrilled and delighted audiences."

1 PM : DJ Cel 
Rock rock and rock!! After some months of absence, DJ Cel is back, for Pumpkin Town! She was program manager for JSL Radio, english voice for Miss and Mister Avatar 2010, and a really famous DJ in Second Life. Don't miss this moment!


October 1st : The Amazing Mr. X
A widow, Christine Faber, believes that she heard her dead husband calling out from the sea. As more ghostly encounters take place, a man who has knowledge of such things becomes the target of a sinister plot.

Find our skulls, and take your gift!

One day, one word, and win 250 L$
This is a special game for members of our Facebook Group. We will publish a question or clue in our different groups and pages. The answer to the question can be found IN Pumpkin Town. The first person to find the word and publish it in our Facebook group will win 250 L$.
Each time a word/answer is found, we'll publish a new question, or a new clue to find the word in Pumpkin Town. Maximum 1/day