Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pumpkin Town 2013 with Feed a Smile

[Info en français ICI]

We are working... working and working! And so excited!

We are beginning to contact some artists, singers, and dj's. Can you find some dates of our events here :

As you can see, Pumpkin Town will have a "Feed a Smile" day.
Feed a Smile?
It's a charity action, and place, which aims to raise funds for underprivileged childrens in Kenya
How? Simple. Singers will give you a live performance, and all your tips will be gived to Feed a Smile.

Feed a Smile is linked with a real association, "Live and learn in Kenya". It tries to help by offering feed, constructions, some school holidays activities, and in foster care. 

In Second Life, your tips will help to offer some feed. The idea is simple : 100 L$ = 1 feed. 

You can have more informations about Feed a Smile by contacting the owner : Brique Topaz, or by visiting the place in world : 

The link of the real assocation :

So... don't miss this event, and come to share your linden love. 

By the way! Don't forgive to fill our form.

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