Saturday, August 9, 2014


The Merchant Application is closed. We are full :)

Hello little Pumpkin Pies !

We are working on one of  our most famous events : Pumpkin Town !

And this year is special. Oh… why?
Pumpkin Town celebrates it's 5th Birthday! 5 years of spooky things!

Like every year we will have shops available in our town. First come first served! But we will also have a few market stalls, but hurry they are small and we won't have many!

We can only accept 25 shops. You can also be present if you don't have a shop and want to offer a special freebie. We will have a special spot for that.

What are the terms?
1. Your shop in Pumpkin Town will only have Halloween products
2. You HAVE to put a freebie in your shop in Pumpkin Town
3. You can choose two types of shops :
          a. Maximum 25 prims. Then we will ask you minimum fee of 500 L$, or minimum 20% of your sales (by split script). For the entire month (1st october until 31 october)
          b. Maximum 50 prims. Then we will ask you minimum fee of 1000 L$. For the entire month (1st october until 31 october).
4. You have to participate, with a special 5th anniversary gift, for the Birthday Contest. (Details HERE)
5. No sex or excessive violence
6. No objects outside of your shop.

We always try to keep the rents as low as possible. We want everyone to be able to afford a spot in Pumpkin Town. But don’t forget that during the month, we will organize live performances, djsets, shows, storytellings,…
Your fees and donations help us organize this and helps to continue Pumpkin Town the next year.

So … are you interested? The fill the form bellow.  We will take the 25 first merchants who will fill the form.
See you soooon for some spooky fun times

Chloe and Taylor.

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