Friday, October 10, 2014

Pumpkin Town 2014 : Lisa Brune & DJ Bcreative Wilde


Today, we invite you for a live performance and a DJset :

October 10

12 PM : Lisa Brune
Lisa arrived in Second Life out of curiosity and since 2009 she listens and discovers artists who are making the treasures of the live performances in SL.
She founded "Tree of Lovers" in January 2010 with J4ck Nichols, this place is dedicated to live performances and about 50 artists from different styles and backgrounds.
Supported by her BF (RL and SL), Lisa started to sing in world in July 2010.
She was invited in venues from different communities (french, italian, norwegian, german, american).
Thanks to concerts Lisa met Nemo Kranfel, a musician with whom she commit "musical crimes" by diverting, reinventing, original songs like "In Your Room" from Depeche Mode.
She sings mainly covers but Lisa wants to write her own songs as she did with a last song "Dry tears".
The selection of songs is guided by crushes and meanings of lyrics. It is difficult to give a precise style with Lisa. The only common thread is the pleasure of the musical vibrations that she attempts to share with a voice full of emotion.

1 PM : DJ Breative Wilde 
Bcreative Wilde has being around Second Life since August of 2004. She tried hosting, building and yes even being a dancer before discovering her true passion and talent in Second Life. She owes all she knows to a very talented DJ and mentor Nexeus Fatale. Sexy Nexy showed her the ropes and the rest is history. Dec. 12, 2004, a DJ was born! Since the beginning she has Djed and managed Djs for several SL businesses and clubs as well as been hired to DJ events for RL businesses such as H & R Block and Cinemax in SL. Over the past 6 years SL music scene changed but one thing still remains, DJ Bcreative Wilde is still known for haunting your SL with the best of the Darkside of Music.

Taxi :

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