Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Town : Girls Power

Hello all!!

We are proud to invite you for three lives performances!

October 27

1 PM : Mimi Carpenter
Mimi is a French musician who has been playing guitar and singing in Secondlife since September 2006.
Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, Mimi is pretty eclectic and her repertoire includes covers with strong rock, indie and pop influences, and a few originals accompanied by acoustic guitar.
" I wish to transmit what I feel through my music... It is for me a way to express myself as I am not so good in handling words, when I have to speak about myself and about what I feel..."

2 PM : Loreen Legion
This sweet singing, golden throated songstress will surprise you with her guitar, seducing you with her voice, and making you beg for mercy! Loreen Legion plays in sl between real life gigs and will rock you out or make you cry.. and anywhere in between. You will want to make a point of coming! Bring your friends!

3 PM : LizAday Solo
Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Liz makes her living entirely from music. She has performed across the USA on various tours as well as 'jet setter' one nighters in Asia. (Most recently Beijing fall of 2008.)
Liz has shared stages with icons Pat Benatar, Micky Thomas (Starship), Big Brother and the Holding Company (as a vocalist), & Rick Derringer to name a few.
Liz has worked in the studio with heavyweights such as: Steve Smith (Journey), Mick Mahan (Benatar), Paul DeLisle (Smash Mouth) and many more.

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