Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkin Town Photo contest : The Lady Death


You know what? Quan Lavender came with a nice gift, made by the artist Meilo Minotaur : A perfect avatar for Pumpkin Town : Lady Death!

You can take it, for free, in Pumpkin Town, near the Gazebo.

And... we propose you a contest
Make a pic of you, wearing Lady Death. In the arms of your love... an eternal love...
Post this pic on this flick Group : Pumpkin Town Contest : The Lady Death

A jury will vote for his favorite pic!

What will the winner have? A live performance by Lisa Brune!
Other signer will perhaps take a part on this gift :)

Of course, some rules :
- Max 3 pics
- Minimum one model has to wear the Lady Death avatar
- No logo on the pic
- No nudity, no sex, no violence
- You have to put your(s) pic(s) in this group flick
With in title : Pumpkin Town 2014 - The Lady Death
With in description : Your SL name / Avatar made by Meilo Minotaur

For more info, you can contact :
Quan Lavender, chloe Seljan or Taylor Flanagan

Blog of Quan Lavender

Facebook Page of Meilo Minotaur