Sunday, November 2, 2014

This is the end ... for now ...

Pumpkin Town is over, I don't now about you but we are sad and bored!
All the villagers crawled back in their graves, holes, coffins, basements, boxes ...

This year again it was a big success!

We want to thank everyone!! Thank you DJ's and Performers, Sponsors Merchants, Bloggers, Visitors,..
Thank you all for your awesome smiles, laughter and compliments and beautiful photos.

Thank you and big hugs to our friends (you know who you are)
Thank you to our little Mascott of DOOOOMMM !!

Special Thanks to Quan Lavender and Meilo Minotaur for the Lady Death Contest and Avatar. 
(We will be announcing the contest winner very soon)

And also Brique Topaz and the children from Kenya 
for trusting us with their Feed A Smile Charity Project 

If we are forgetting someone, thank you to you too :p

Thank you for dressing up!! We appreciate it sooo much! It adds to the charm of our little town.

Thank you to all of you who donated some of your precious lindens, 
they are all in the PUMPKIN TOWN 2015 fund box ;)

We hope to see you all next year for a 6th wonderful Pumpkin Town :)

LOVE you all!!
 Bye Bye for now ...

Chloe and Taylor (and all the creepy Pumpkin Town villagers)

(Picture by Loverdag)

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