Sunday, October 4, 2015

CG Cookie Contest : 2D Halloween 2015 Contes : The Werewolf Bestfriend

CG Cookie, one of the best websites for 2D and 3D courses invites you for a halloween contest!

Image from cgcookie
"The challenge is to create the best friend of the vampire, while as a human he's very timid and a bit of a nerd, when he transforms he's a bit on the wild side. What are we looking for in this concept? It can either be a concept piece or full illustration depicting our good friend. He needs to have DARK bushy eyebrows, yellow eyes, and wears glasses. We will leave it up to you to illustrate or concept how far along in his transformation he is. Remember, since the concept of the vampire best friend and his younger sister are already done, it may help to take visual cues from them to add it to your concept so that they feel like they belong in the same world."

Image for cgcookie

You can find all informations and rule about this contest here :

Prizes are just really cool!

You can find some tuto's or courses here :

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