Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lisa Brune at Pumpkin Town

[edit : Paris Obscur is ill. He needs to sleep a lot and drink liters and liters of tea]

Hey Hey!

This october 16, we invite you for an amazing live performance!

October 16

2 PM : Lisa Brune

It was in 2000 when she started to write her own songs with the help of her boyfriend and took part in a project for and made by students on the theme of Alice in Wonderland with the aim of helping in drug usage prevention. This project has been built during 2 years and led to 2 public performances.
Her musical tastes become more precise when she discovers bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Wax Tailor or The Gathering expanding her influences : from Rock to Trip Hop.
Lisa works in coup de coeur. Even if its musical preferences are particularly rock (in the broad sense, old rock, current rock and rock metal), the trip-hop and jazz / blues artists, she can also have a sudden passion for Electro, rap or any other style.

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