Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pumpkin Town with Plairob & Samm Qendra

Hey Hey!!

We invit you to two live performances this 8 october !

Taxi :

12 PM : Plairob
An italian singer who will try to seduce our witches! A nice voice, for sing love songs. A sweet moment to not miss!

1 PM : Samm Qendra
Having quite a history of performing of in rl, she graces sl with her amazing gift. Though Samm performs all genres, she is most at home with songs that will take you back to a magical moment in your life. According to all of the responds,Her Voice can be describe as Dreamy , Angelic you have to hear to believe it and plus the personality that will shine through.

>>> The Pumpkin Horror Theater
We just changed the movie :

"Nosferatu",by F.W. Murnau - 1922

Count Orlok’s move to Wisburg and brings the plague, this reveals his connection to the Realtor Thomas Hutter, and the Count’s obsession with Hutter’s wife, Ellen – the only one with the power to end the evil.