Friday, October 30, 2015

The Creepy Crawl Friday's Inworld


Pumpkin Town has the honor to participate in the intersim Halloween event organized by Linden Lab: The Creepy Crawl Friday's Inworld!

Wear your most scary halloween outfit, and have a lot of fun in this Halloween tour!

October 30

12 PM SLT : DJ Bcreative Wilde, our official Spooky DJ will rock the place!

Taxi :

After this amazing event, we invite you to two original gigs!

2 PM : DJset by Wam ("Baroque by Bach, Vivaldi and Handel")

3 PM :Paris Obscur (live performance)

Friday's Inworld Creepy Crawl... An event with 9 sims, during 5 hours!

The Schedule :

10:00am SLT to 10:30am SLT : Bay City Hallowe'en Hay Maze
10:30 am SLT - 11:00am SLT : Dance Island
11:00am SLT -11:30am SLT : Vampyr Empire
11:30am SLT - 12:00pm SLT : The Truth About Bats & Avies
12:00pm SLT - 12:30pm SLT: Pumpkin Town 2015
12:30pm SLT - 1:00pm SLT : Club End of Days
1:00pm SLT- 1:30pm SLT : American Cancer Society
1:30pm SLT - 2:00pm SLT : AEG Haunted Beach
2:00pm SLT - 3pm SLT : Haunted Halloween Tour

For more info about the Friday's Inworld Creepy Crawl and all slurl :

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