Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin Town 2016 : The Opening

Hello all!!

Pumpkin Town is back! One of the most famous Halloween town in SL is back, and happy to invites you for new cool moments!

Pumpkin Town Teaser

For the opening, we invite you for a djset and a live performance

At 11 AM, DJ B'
We can't open Pumpkin Town without a djset by the most spookiest DJ in Second Life!

At 1 PM : A live performance by CellShader

Dubbed the "Marilyn Manson" of Second Life, CellShader is a self-taught singer and producer who bolsters his original tracks with live vocals and keyboards. Drawing on his background as a classically trained pianist, he seamlessly fuses the sounds of electronica, metal, and classical music to propel his experimental vocals to twisted heights.

CellShader proudly flaunts his influences on his shoulder; from pop to industrial, from baroque to breakbeats, no aspect of music is left untouched. Join CellShader on a musical adventure as boundless as Second Life itself.

"Music is the difference between life and death; it is the line which separates transcendence from mere existence." -CellShader

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